Youth Involvement

You can get involved in our network and sign in by contacting our nearest partner. We are looking for active youth groups who want to share ideas with other youth groups, perhaps need a platform and some support to “do their thing”. If you are 15–25+ and do arts e.g. performing arts, media arts etc. you can join our monthly webinars, and Discord sessions and find out more. As a part of Diggiloo network you can find new ideas and friends! In this project we share stuff!


Humak Jyväskylä Campus – students involved in videoprojects with local youth groups.
Community educator (youth work) and cultural management

Young Culture (Nuori kulttuuri)
Participating as a network (Roots) and providing a stage to exhibit Diggiloo+ cultural products spring 2023 in Kuopio Young Culture Festival

City of Jyväskylä
Veturitallit (former Locomotive Stables) – a place to act and participate. Youth work professionals organize different workshops for young people such as movie making, acting, dancing, online magazine writing, circus activities and Jyväskylä rock academy.

The Netherlands 

Foundation for Future Face –  Do it your way!

City of Amstelween youth work


Tartu Noorsootöö Keskus – Tartu Youth Work Center with 3 local youth clubs Anne, Lille and Ilmatsalu (age groups 11–19)
Tartu 2024 Culture Capital Extended youth group.

Tartu youth Brigade – summer activities  

Planned Activities include participation to Childrens wellbeing day, Clean-up neighbourhoods, Street Art- Murals, Mobile gaming (Actionbound), International Read Hour activities. The activities and cultural productions will be documented and published in Instagram and Youtube. Tartu youthclubs are looking for international co-operation with these activities.