Diggiloo Youth Webinar 13.4. -Welcome!


Tartu Noorsootöökeskus – Tartu Youth Work Center is organizing an event which is open to all.
If you are interested in Diggiloo project, meeting youth and youthworkers from Estonia, Finland and The Netherlands then welcome!
Wednesday at 17 -18.30

Topics in Webinar are:

  • Getting to know each other – Icebreaker activities
  • Tartu 2024 Culture Capital and Extended youth introduction from youngsters. More info about the group
  • Diggiloo Instagram (IG) launch
  • Exchanging ideas and looking partners for own project with “The World Cafe” method in small groups
  • Games

No registration needed, just join the Zoom session with this link:

Organized by Diggiloo partners
Margit Kink https://tntk.tartu.ee/en/

Last modified: 06/04/2022